Automatic Flight Timer with OpenTX 2.3 and Vario

The below setup allows us to totally forget about switching timers and provides accurate air time information at the end of a flight or the day.

All you need is two triggers to tell OpenTX when to activate (On) and when to deactivate (Off) the timer. Many triggers are imaginable. I used the following for my pure gliders:

On Trigger: Moving rudder and aileron at the same time in any direction
Off Trigger: Vertical speed (TELEx:VSpd) is very small for at least 10 seconds

In this example, the off trigger only works if you have a receiver with vario (e.g. G-RX8 / G-RX6) or a separate vario attached to your receiver. However, it is possible to use other off triggers. For example, ELE not moving or AIL not moving for a certain time.

Logical Switches:

L25 is active if the rudder stick moves at the same time then…
L26 … 
the aileron stick
L27 is the actual timer switch. It is active (Sticky) if L25 is true. It is deactivated if L29 is true.
L 28 checks if vertical speed is under a certain threshold. VSpd < 0.3m/s works for me.
L29 is active if L28 is true for at least 10 seconds

Alternative Off Trigger

It is possible to use a variety of triggers to switch the logical switch On or Off. Here is one more possibility. The timer switches off if the ELE(vator) has not moved for a certain time. The only change is that now

L 28 checks if the Elevator is not (hardly) moving for at least 10 seconds.

Timer Setup

L27 triggers those timers you want to be running

Special Function (Optional)

Mostly self-explanatory. Just a couple of special functions to announce timers being “on” or “off” and the optional switch to reset timer 1. I keep Timer 2 running to sum up the day and reset Timer 1 after each flight (if I don’t forget).

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