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Broken Group Islands Charter

A great day cruising with wonderful skippers, Tobby & Al. Admired the intricate coastline, many small forested islands and also spotted impressive bald eagles, sea lions, otters….

Open House Zürich 2020: Architecture and City Planning

The Open House Zurich event showcases some architectural jewels as well as interesting aspects of the city and city planning. This year we visited two buildings, Tanzhaus, the former Neue Börse, and participated in Schilieren’s city planning tour. Tanzhaus After the former building burned… Continue Reading “Open House Zürich 2020: Architecture and City Planning”

Alasaka Day 3: Kasaan

We got off the boat in Kasaan and joined a walking tour with one of the 54 inhabitants on that Island. That young man who is a totem carver led us into the beautiful dense rain forest. He, to our surprise, joined the community… Continue Reading “Alasaka Day 3: Kasaan”

Mashiko Pottery Village

This is our second visit to the pottery village of Mashiko in the Tochigi prefecture. We have such fond memories of our first visit several years ago that we wanted to come back again.

Another history of Japanese-Canadians in Ucluelet

Al from Archipelago Cruise talked to us about the Japanese-Canadians in Ucluelet and pointed out the place of their village during our cruise trip. I wanted to find out more about them so the next day we went to the Ucluelet Information Center which… Continue Reading “Another history of Japanese-Canadians in Ucluelet”

Hunter of Peace

No one may know I went among those hills with a broken heart and only on the high places could I learn that I and mine were very close together… They like to say “Explorer” of me. No. Only hunter of peace. Mary Schäfer… Continue Reading “Hunter of Peace”

Oishiiiii! (tasty) Yakiniku

Our last diner in Tokyo was a lucky shot. We aimed at a carefully pre-selected Korean BBQ restaurant (Yakiniku) to find a fully booked place. But we were in the bustling Shimbashi Station area and just started to walk and read the menus (of… Continue Reading “Oishiiiii! (tasty) Yakiniku”