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Slope Soaring

Summer Action, Switzerland

We had quite some summer activities going in Switzerland as well. Here is a short picture blog entry with a few movies as well…

Create sound (voice) files for OpenTX with macOS’ Siri in less then 1 minute

Time to produce a sound file: < 1 Minute (with a bit of routine) If you have an Apple Mac and want to create your own quality voice sound files using macOS Siri voices – read on…

Automatic Flight Timer with OpenTX 2.2 and Vario

The below setup allows to totally forget about switching timers and provides accurate air time information at the end of a flight or the day.

Shinto Servotray for MKS 6100 (Glider by Vladimir’s Model)

This 3D printable servo tray is for MKS 6100 servos and particularly designed for an electric version of Vladimir’s Model Shinto F3F/B/T/J glider. It could likely be used for other F3x gliders as well.

Flying weekend with Benno and Fredy

With Fredy and Benno, we spent two days on Gafäll above Alp Valpun. What an excellent flying and filming weekend it was.

DIY FrSky Horus X10(s) Car Charger

This is for the X10(s), NOT the Express version. For those familiar with electronics, here is the short version: Connect a 12V cigarette lighter adapter to one and a barrel plug to the other side of a step-up converter and… Continue Reading →

Modellsegelflug auf Gafäll III

Ein paar schöne Fotos eines schönen Modellfluggtages auf Gafäll…

Flying at Monte Morcia

The actual flying place is called “La Bandita” on Monte Morcia in Marche. For some unknown reasons, modellers refer to it as Monte Catria in Umbria (even Monte Catria is in Marche). Interesting piece of trivia.

Monte Baldo to Monte Altissimo

Monte Baldo 1752m -> Bocca di Navene 1425m -> Monte Laste 1941m -> Monte Altissimo 2079m -> Refugio Graziani 1650m -> Bocca di Navene 1425m ->Monte Baldo 1752m 17.5 km, 1000m up & down A long hike to one of the… Continue Reading →

Monte Baldo Modell Glider Flying

Getting up to the Monte Baldo (1752m) from the lakeside is easy. The Funivie (Cabin) brings me up to the top and another 10 minutes of walking to the flying spot “Colma di Malcesine”. A huge mountain shoulder with enough… Continue Reading →

Xmodels Swift-S1 FES, 3.20m

Allgemeines Modelltyp: Segelkunstflug Masstab: 1:4, Scalemodell Ausführung:  Voll-Gfk/Cfk, HS-Version Fabrikat: Bezug:

Modellsegelflug in Umbrien

Mit den Modellen Jedi Lift, Needle DSL und der Libelle auf dem Monte Catria bei bis zu 6 Windstärken in den Böen.

Modellsegelflug auf Gafäll II -Salto und Vampire F3F

Ein toller Tag im September, starke Thermik und Sonnenschein. Benno kam mit seiner Tochter und drei Modellen. Lidija kam am nächsten Tag nach.

Modellsegelflug auf Gafäll I – Target F3B

unterhalb des "Chrüz", dem Panyer Hausberg. Das hat sich gelohnt - und wie. Ein wenig Ballast in die Flügel und ab ging's. Beste Konditionen mit schönem Hangwind und dramatischer Kulisse mit Sicht ...

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