Floating above the clouds – last day in Costa Rica 

After a wonderful breakfast at Orosi Lodge (yam yam!),  we headed for the Irazú Volcano. We drove about an hour in the mist wondering If we would get to see the volcano at all. Half way up, the clouds gave way to the blue sky. What a pretty scenery it was!

We walked up to the top of crater (3’500 m) and felt the thin air!  The view was magnificent. All around the mountain but considerably lower, there was a thick base of white clouds. But we could see many mountain tips “floating” above the clouds. It looked amazing.

After a short pick-nick at the top (rudely interrupted by an aggressive raccoon which was aiming at our fruits!), we drove through the backcountry, enjoying a nice scenery, with a late, tasty lunch at the beautiful Finca Rosa Blanca.

Today we start the return trip home with a short overnight stop at Nicole’s & Zenon’s place in Santo Domingo. Nicole was more than helpful and will be our favorite travel agent of all times. Muchas gracias!!

Now cooold Switzerland is waiting for us at the other end of the Atlantic. 

End of season 1 😉

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