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Japan 2018 Food pics

Japan, a foodie’s Nirvana!

The Manta Dive

Oh… an unexpected blue sky and tropical sunshine… that’s a promising start. Ishigaki is one of the most popular diving sites in Japan and famous for manta watching.  Philippe had high hopes to see a manta or two : ) but April is not… Continue Reading “The Manta Dive”

Akashi Shokudo – (not just) a Bowl of Ramen

  So here we go again. After many noodle meals in Okinawa already, Yasuko came up with one more “impossible to leave this island without sampling these noodles” restaurant. It has won prices and is all over the social networks galaxy. A must. It… Continue Reading “Akashi Shokudo – (not just) a Bowl of Ramen”

Ishigaki-jima Sunset Beach

….all alone. Even the sunset did not bother to show up.

Mt. Maapee

Our second hike on the Ishigaki Island: Mt. Maapee. It has a modest height of 230m with two hiking paths to the top: the longer one takes 45 minutes and the shorter one just 15 minutes! Sounds more like a stroll in the park. The… Continue Reading “Mt. Maapee”

Kabira Bay – postcard pretty

This intricate emerald-blue bay surrounded  by the white sand beach is in every Okinawa brochure, poster and on gazillions of FB and Instagram posts (and now on ours). We were a bit skeptical but once we looked down the bay, we both uttered oh,… Continue Reading “Kabira Bay – postcard pretty”

Morning beach walk @ Ibaruma

… and in the evening the day before…

At the top of Okinawa, Mt. Omoto

I know that Okinawa is a water sports activity destination, but a passionate hiker like myself can always find a place to hike up to :  )  So today we have decided to go up to the top of Okinawa, Mt. Omoto at an… Continue Reading “At the top of Okinawa, Mt. Omoto”

Tamatorizaki observatory point

Kiyoko-san, our wonderful host in Iriomote-so

Kiyoko-san, originally from Sado Island, hosted us for five nights. Full of energy and willingness to help her guests, she is like sunshine on Iriomote! We enjoyed her family-style meals, ate countless small but richly tasted bananas directly harvested from the garden. She felt… Continue Reading “Kiyoko-san, our wonderful host in Iriomote-so”