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Costa Rica 2015

Floating above the clouds – last day in Costa Rica 

After a wonderful breakfast at Orosi Lodge (yam yam!),  we headed for the Irazú Volcano. We drove about an hour in the mist wondering If we would get to see the volcano at all. Half way up, the clouds gave… Continue Reading →

Finca Cristina – Linda’s Organic Coffee Farm

What does it take to produce good coffee beans and eventually drink a great cup of coffee? This were the questions I had as a hard-core coffee drinker (that’s what Yasuko thinks I am). So we decided to join Linda’s… Continue Reading →

Little joys in the Orosi Valley

Sometimes we are fed up with bad bread, weak filter coffee or carelessly or unimaginatively prepared food. Theses are the moments when a small thing can make our day. In the Orosi valley, we had a few of those moments… Continue Reading →

Wet, wet, wet – Tapanti National Park

Today we decided to try “the wettest national park in Costa Rica”. After driving through the bumpy gravel road and passing the bridge with a “bridge in a bad state” warning and arriving at the park, Philippe and I tried… Continue Reading →

Monteverde Reserve

An early morning nature walk in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. This is the most famous natural reserve, dense, green, with massive roots and vines hanging, looks like as if it is in the Tarzan movie. Our guide today was… Continue Reading →

Sky Walk and Sky Tram

After the Santa Elena Reserve Walk the day before, we changed altitude and joined a canopy walk called “Sky Walk”. Six bridges, up to 50 meters above ground allow us to see the cloud forest from above. The higher up… Continue Reading →

Cloud forest wonderland – Santa Elena Reserve

Our first walk in the cloud forest was with Marcela, an accountant-turned-to-nature guide. This native of Costa Rica worked as an accountant for a while after finishing school. She was locked up in an office all day and often spent… Continue Reading →

Amazement (© by nature)

Smoothie happiness in Orosi

Jeep – Boat – Jeep

Jeep – Boat – Jeep, that’s how they call the trip from La Fortuna de San Carlo to Monteverde. To cross the lake by boat saves hours of bumpy roads in a minivan. And lucky we were as the views… Continue Reading →

Mille millions de mille sabords!!

Y’a des endroits magnifique sur terre…??

… if not professional, than at least relaxed 😉

Hiking in the mud and sweat…

… to Cerro Chato, Arenal National Park It was supposed to be a rather easy hike for a Swiss and a Japanese who are used to steep Swiss mountains. But the very humid, tropical conditions made the hike physically challenging. Philippe… Continue Reading →

San José – Costa Rica’s capital city

Costa Rica – Our third country in Central America Costa Rica is a remarkable country: it has no army. The country spends money on education and healthcare instead and it so it explains its high literacy rate (96%) and solid… Continue Reading →

Onsen, costa-rican style in La Fortuna

Costa Rica is on the Caribbean tectonic plate. It moves against the coco plate about 10cm per year. Therefore the country is cursed by many active volcanoes which brought destruction many times in history. With the volcanoes comes the blessing of hot springs. So… Continue Reading →

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