Oshima Walk

Being rather jet-lagged, Yasuko decided to make it a moderate-but-constant activity day. Starting with a nice meal at the Mikuni Ootoku restaurant next to Oshima.

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Maloja to Silvaplana, Via Engiadina

Maloja – Torre Belvedere – Gletschermühlen – Sils – Silvaplana / 16km / 6h with breaks

The Engadin area is fabulous with golden larch trees in autumn. I have done several times, but I always like to do it again.

The night before we stayed at the historically famous Maloja Kulm Hotel which is located at the top of the famous Maloja Pass with its winding road down to the Bregell Valley. Already during breakfast, the golden Engadin invited us outside.

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FrSky – Case for SR10 Pro, GR8, FLVS ADV, and Vari ADV

You want to fix your FrSky receiver, vario or sensor onto your model plane properly using a holder, a case or a box, here are a few options.

Click on the link to get to Thingiverse for downloading and 3D printing the item you’re interested in:

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Engadin Open Doors / Julierturm

We enjoyed and learned a lot from many architecture tours we joined as part of the Open House Zurich – Architecture for everyone. When we heard that a similar event is taking place in the Engadin, we were hooked right away, booked a hotel, and hopped on the train to the Engadin.

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Biking through 3 countries around the Lake Constance (Bodensee)

St. Margrethen (CH) – Bregenz (Austria) – Lindau (Germany) – Wasserburg – Langenargen – Friedrichshafen
Distance: 54km

Since last year we plan to cycle around Lake Constance bit by bit. We bike slowly, combining physical exercise with sightseeing, looking left and right, and dropping by beautiful places along the way. So we don’t cover a long distance, but we discover a lot on the way.

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Playa Bonita to Playa Coson – Morning Walk

Beach walking is my favorite morning activity in Las Terrenas. Sometimes with family, sometimes alone…

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Playa Lanza del Norte

Playa Lanza del Norte – Punta las Canas – Playita Honda – Playa Las Canas (back and forth)

This morning we continued our “walking project”, with the ultimate and probably illusionary goal to walk around the Samana Peninsula.

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Sunset @ Punta Bonita

Samaná Peninsula Walk

Playa Estillero to Playa Morrón, 2h, 7km

My sister-in-law Nicole and I had the idea to walk the Samana Peninsula little by little, eventually covering the entire peninsula.

Philippe joined us for the stretch from Playa Estillero to Playa Morrón. Unknown even to Nicole, we decided to take the sketchy details from Google Map as a base and play it by ear. Hiking paths, as I am used to in Switzerland seem to be rare, but in essence, we just have to follow the shoreline.

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Santo Domingo 2021

This year, we spend a few days in Santo Domingo before moving on to Las Terrenas. On the morning of our first day, with the generous help of the jetlag, we got up early and visited the showroom of a company producing typical Dominican tiles called Aguayo. We have an idea how to bring a bit of DR to CH.

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