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Morteratsch Hike & Boval Hütte

Morteratsch 1896m – Boval Hütte 2495m – Morteratsch 1896m 11 km / Ascent & descent 600 m / 3hrs 45 min The route from Morteratsch to Boval Hütte is part of the Bernina Trek. One month ago I did five sections of the Trek … Continue Reading “Morteratsch Hike & Boval Hütte”

Bernina Trek Day 3

Spinas 1815m –  – Alp Suvretta 2128m – Jenatsch Hütte 2652m – Val d’Agnel – Gletschersee – Chamanna Jenatsch Spinas Berghotel Joyful Spinas Berghotel and a wonderful breakfast. Their selection of home-made bread was simply a delight!

Bernina Trek Day 2

Chamanna d‘Es-cha 2594m – Fuorcla Gualdana 2494m – Punt Granda 2265m   – Ospiz Albulapass 2312m – Crap ALV Laiets 2303m – Fuorcla Crap Alv pass 2466m – Spinas 1815m Time: 6 hrs // Distance: 18km  // Descent: 1000m

Bernina Trek Day 1

Madulain 1697m – Chamanna d‘Es-cha 2594m Distance: 5.5km / Ascent: 900m / Time: 3 hrs Around midday, I arrived at the trailhead, Madulain, a cute train station of the Rhätische Bahn. I was the only one to get off the train which made me… Continue Reading “Bernina Trek Day 1”