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Koyasan Okunoin

A mystic graveyard with over 20,000 gravestones in the midst of a towering cedar forest. Some graves are new but many are old and covered with moss. Some are forgotten and breaking apart. But surprisingly there is no sad atmosphere but a rather mystic one and… Continue Reading “Koyasan Okunoin”

Overnight at a temple, Jimeiin, in Koyasan

We stayed one night at one of the temples in Koyasan. Jimeiin is a quiet, serene temple with beautiful gardens. We were welcomed by young monks and escorted to our traditional Japanese room, which overlooked two different, wonderful gardens. For dinner, a tasty tofu… Continue Reading “Overnight at a temple, Jimeiin, in Koyasan”


Koyasan is a beautiful Buddhist town with 117 temples and many more monks.

Kumano Kodō III

Kumano Kodō, from Hashinmon Oji to Hongu, stop at Yunomine Onsen. We have been walking parts of the Kumano Kodo for two days and today is 3rd day. Yunomine Onsen is a quaint World Cultural Heritage onsen village with hot water steaming down the… Continue Reading “Kumano Kodō III”

Kumano Kodo II

Kumano Kodo, from Hashinmon Oji to Kumano Hongu, 7km, 2h Starting at 3 pm (due to some car problem), which is late and the over-careful tourism office recommend that we take a torch light, we walked through a very beautiful countryside dotted with hamlet… Continue Reading “Kumano Kodo II”

Kumano Hongū Taisha

The most beautiful Shinto shrine I have ever seen. After walking on the Kumano Kodo for two hours, we arrived at the main shrine past 5 pm. 

Kumano Nachi-Taisha

One of the main three shrines in Kumano, Nachi-Taisha, nestled in a dense mountain forest. A very picturesque pagoda was erected in front of the tallest waterfall in Japan (133m). We arrived around 3 pm and started from Daimon-zaka, walking up to the Nachi… Continue Reading “Kumano Nachi-Taisha”

Kumano Kodo I

A short 3km walk. First along a fascinating coast and then over the Matsumoto Pass to Onigayo. Our first few steps on the famous Kumano Kodō – a UNESCO World Heritage pilgrimage site. It’s the only pilgrimage UNESCO site in Asia. The big brother is… Continue Reading “Kumano Kodo I”

Shima Peninsula


Ryokan Hoshidekan 星出館 in Ise

In Ise, we stayed at the super quaint, traditional wooden Ryokan (Japanese-style inn) Hoshidekan.  It is located near the river and in the midst of an old neighbourhood. This old building with tatami rooms is taken care of beautifully. Among the many details the Suikinkutsu… Continue Reading “Ryokan Hoshidekan 星出館 in Ise”