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Via Alpina

Griesalp to Hohtürli

Via Alpina, Section 13 – Part 1 Griesalp (1408m)  – Bundalp (1840m) – Hohtürli (2774m) – Blümlisalphütte (2840m) – Oeschinensee (1593m) – Kandersteg (1176m) 16km, 1550m up  and 1750m down Today is one of the hardest hikes on the Via… Continue Reading →

Via Alpina Rotstockhütte to Griesalp

Via Alpina Section 12 – Part 2 Rotstockhütte (2019m) -> Sefinenfurgge (2612m) -> Griesalp (1408m) 10km, 600m up and 1500m down After a night at the mountain hut, we woke up early. Every time someone went to the out-of-the house… Continue Reading →

VIA ALPINA, Grütschalp to Rotstockhütte

Via Alpina, Section 12 – Part 1 Grütschalp (1520m) -> Mürren (1638m) -> Bryndli (2133m)  to Rotstockhütte (2019m), 10 km, 600m up Back to the Via Alpina Route! Last October I finished roughly half of the route (the Via Alpina… Continue Reading →

Via Alpina, Grindelwald to Wengen

Via Alpina Section 11 Grindelwald (1034m) – Kleine Scheidegg (2061m) – Eigergletscher (2320m) – Kleine Scheidegg – Wengen (1274m) 21.4km, with 1300m up and 1050m down The breakfast place was full of Indian and Korean tourists. Maximum calories intake again… Continue Reading →

Via Alpina, Meiringen to Grindelwald

Via Alpina, Section 10 Meiringen (595m) – Grosse Scheidegg (1962m) – Grindelwald (1034m) 23km, 1530m up and 1095m down After making sure breakfast would provide a maximum of energy for the day, I briskly went out into the fresh morning… Continue Reading →

Via Alpina, Engstlenalp to Meiringen

Via Alpina section 9 Engstlenalp (1834m) – Tannalp (1974m) – Tannsee – Planplatten (2255m) – Reuti (1061m) – Meiringen (595m) 21km, 890m up and 2120m down! A beautiful morning in the mountain. How wonderful it is to wake up to… Continue Reading →

Via Aplina, Engelberg to Engstlen Alp

Via Alpina route, Section 7 Engelberg (1000m) – Trübsee (1780m) – Jochpass (2207m) – Engstlensee – Engstlen Alp (1834m), 11km, with 1285m up and 455m down Starting at the foggy Engelberg and heading for Trübsee. After a steep uphill of… Continue Reading →

Via Alpina, Brüsti – Surenenpass – Fürenalp

Via Alpina Section 7 Brüsti (1525m) – Surenenpass (2291m) – Blackenalp (1773m) – Abnet (1670m) – Fürenalp (1850m) Today Philippe joined me on the Via Alpina hike : ) As going up 2000m in altitude was out of question for… Continue Reading →

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