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Via Alpina: Hohtürli to Kandersteg

Via Alpina, Section 13 – Part 2 Griesalp (1’408 m)  – Bundalp (1’840 m) – Hohtürli (2’774 m) – Blümlisalphütte (2’834 m) – Oeschinensee (1’593 m) – Kandersteg (1’176 m) 16km, 1’550 m up  and 1’750 m down The path from Blüemlisalp to Kandersteg… Continue Reading “Via Alpina: Hohtürli to Kandersteg”

Griesalp to Hohtürli

Via Alpina, Section 13 – Part 1 Griesalp (1408m)  – Bundalp (1840m) – Hohtürli (2774m) – Blümlisalphütte (2840m) – Oeschinensee (1593m) – Kandersteg (1176m) 16km, 1550m up  and 1750m down Today is one of the hardest hikes on the Via Alpina route, almost 1,400m… Continue Reading “Griesalp to Hohtürli”

Via Alpina Rotstockhütte to Griesalp

Via Alpina Section 12 – Part 2 Rotstockhütte (2019m) -> Sefinenfurgge (2612m) -> Griesalp (1408m) 10km, 600m up and 1500m down After a night at the mountain hut, we woke up early. Every time someone went to the out-of-the house toilet at night, the… Continue Reading “Via Alpina Rotstockhütte to Griesalp”

VIA ALPINA, Grütschalp to Rotstockhütte

A steep uphill on the way to Rotstockhütte

Via Alpina, Section 12 – Part 1 Grütschalp (1520m) -> Mürren (1638m) -> Bryndli (2133m)  to Rotstockhütte (2019m), 10 km, 600m up Back to the Via Alpina Route! Last October I finished roughly half of the route (the Via Alpina is a trail of… Continue Reading “VIA ALPINA, Grütschalp to Rotstockhütte”

Via Alpina, Grindelwald to Wengen

Eiger and Mönch

Via Alpina Section 11 Grindelwald (1034m) – Kleine Scheidegg (2061m) – Eigergletscher (2320m) – Kleine Scheidegg – Wengen (1274m) 21.4km, with 1300m up and 1050m down The breakfast place was full of Indian and Korean tourists. Maximum calories intake again and off I went… Continue Reading “Via Alpina, Grindelwald to Wengen”

Via Alpina, Meiringen to Grindelwald

Via Alpina, Section 10 Meiringen (595m) – Grosse Scheidegg (1962m) – Grindelwald (1034m) 23km, 1530m up and 1095m down After making sure breakfast would provide a maximum of energy for the day, I briskly went out into the fresh morning air and walked through… Continue Reading “Via Alpina, Meiringen to Grindelwald”

Via Alpina, Engstlenalp to Meiringen

Via Alpina section 9 Engstlenalp (1834m) – Tannalp (1974m) – Tannsee – Planplatten (2255m) – Reuti (1061m) – Meiringen (595m) 21km, 890m up and 2120m down! A beautiful morning in the mountain. How wonderful it is to wake up to the snow-covered mountain peak… Continue Reading “Via Alpina, Engstlenalp to Meiringen”

Via Aplina, Engelberg to Engstlen Alp

Via Alpina route, Section 7 Engelberg (1000m) – Trübsee (1780m) – Jochpass (2207m) – Engstlensee – Engstlen Alp (1834m), 11km, with 1285m up and 455m down Starting at the foggy Engelberg and heading for Trübsee. After a steep uphill of 800m, the Trübsee was… Continue Reading “Via Aplina, Engelberg to Engstlen Alp”

Via Alpina, Brüsti – Surenenpass – Fürenalp

Via Alpina Section 7 Brüsti (1525m) – Surenenpass (2291m) – Blackenalp (1773m) – Abnet (1670m) – Fürenalp (1850m) Today Philippe joined me on the Via Alpina hike : ) As going up 2000m in altitude was out of question for us, we took a… Continue Reading “Via Alpina, Brüsti – Surenenpass – Fürenalp”