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Meersburg to Konstanz by Bike (not quite)

Today’s plan was to bike from Meersburg to Konstanz, another part of the Lake Constance (or Bodensee in German) cycle path. We are “en route” to bike around the Bodensee. Slowly but surely, the entire 260 km Bodensee cycle path!

Along The Scenic Bodensee by bike

68 km, a full-day bike tour with many stops.Route 2 and Route 82 – Kreuzlingen – Romanshorn – Arbon –  Aach – Neukirch – Feierlen Hof – Kreuzlingen To test my brand-new bike, a birthday gift from Philippe, we hopped on our bikes to tour… Continue Reading “Along The Scenic Bodensee by bike”

Zwillikon – Birmensdorf – Bremgarten – Oberfelden by bike

47km, 5hrs / Route 84 & 77 / Zwillikon – Birmensdorf (Biotop forest) – Oberwil-Lieli – Bremgarten – Rottenschwil  – Merenschwand  – Zwillikon

A scenic bike tour around Mt. Rigi

Goldau – Immensee – Küssnacht – Greppen – Weggis – Vitznau – Brunnen – Lauerz – Goldau 52km, 3h30min A scenic bike tour around Mt. Rigi (1798m) and three lakes with too much traffic to our liking, but with a hard to beat setting:… Continue Reading “A scenic bike tour around Mt. Rigi”

Flaacher Asparagus

Flaach is an area in north-eastern Switzerland known for its production of vegetables and in particular for asparagus. After our bike tour, we dropped-by two “Hofläden” (unattended farm shops) and bought the produce for the week…

Biking along the River Rhein & Rheinfall

4h, 38 km / Alten – Marthalen – Neuhausen am Rheinfall – German border (closed) – Rheinau – Ellikon am Rhein – Alten Today’s bike tour is full of highlights. In the chilly morning air we start almost alone from Alten towards Marthalen, a… Continue Reading “Biking along the River Rhein & Rheinfall”

Reppischtal – Limmat – Reusstal Bike Tour

Birmensdorf – Bergditikon – Limmat – Baden – Mellingen – Bremgarten – Birmensdorf 6h (with lots of breaks), 64 km Today’s bike tour was a bit unusual. We start the day with a quick hello to Katharina and Patrick as we pass by their… Continue Reading “Reppischtal – Limmat – Reusstal Bike Tour”

Biking to Kaiserstuhl

56 km, 4h30, Steinmaur – Kaiserstuhl – Bad Zurzach – Tegerfelden – Ehrendingen – Steinmaur Yasuko promised it would be an easy bike tour of 35 km. It turned out to be rather strenuous 56 km stretch with a lot of ups and downs… Continue Reading “Biking to Kaiserstuhl”

Sakura, Sakura and Sakura!

Sakura, cherry flowers, are somehow dear to us Japanese. They are beautiful, but fragile and their short lives make us think of our life itself. A Japanese friend of mine told me that more than 40 cherry trees are in full bloom in Uster,… Continue Reading “Sakura, Sakura and Sakura!”

Glatt Route 29 – Part II

50 km, 3h30, Stettbach – Greifensee – Uster – Mönchaltorf – Wolfhausen – Jona – Meilen The dark clouds of the Coronavirus crisis are upon us, but the sky is blue and the air is warm. So we hop onto our bike to discover… Continue Reading “Glatt Route 29 – Part II”