Glatt Route 29 – Part II

50 km, 3h30, Stettbach – Greifensee – Uster – Mönchaltorf – Wolfhausen – Jona – Meilen

The dark clouds of the Coronavirus crisis are upon us, but the sky is blue and the air is warm. So we hop onto our bike to discover the second part of the Glatt Route 29 we started last week.

After getting off at the Stettbach train station, we cycle along the Zürichberg towards Greifensee.

The Glatt River flows from the Greifensee to the river Rhein. As we get closer to the lake more and more people are out there on bikes or walking, enjoying the sunny Sunday. We find a  rather quiet lakeside spot for our lunch break, looking at a small boat going by.

From the Greifensee the water flows out to several streams and we follow the Mönchaltorfer Aa. The crowd thins out quickly and we bike to the direction of Mönchaltorf and then to Rapperswil. Looking at the north side of the Zürichberg, Zollikerberg and Pfannenstiel, we bike through the peaceful meadows, scattered with farm houses. I have never visited this area nor looked at the Pfannenstiel mountain range from this perspective.

It is a delightful route!

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