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Italy 2018

The Dolomites Day 4: Tre Cime & Lake Misurina

Tre Cime round hike and down to Lake Misurina Today for the second time I visited Tre Cime!  Two days ago I could do only half of the Tre Cime tour because I had to go down to the valley… Continue Reading →

The Dolomites Day 3: Burgstall

Kreuzbergpass 1636m  -> Burgstall 2161m -> Fischleinbodenhütte 1454m -> Moos 1339m 500m up, 800m down 3nd day in the Dolomites. Another great walk around the imposing Sextner Rotwand (2936m).

The Dolomites Day 2: Drei Zinnen and Fischleinbodenhütte

Rif Auronzo 2320m -> Lavaredohütte (2344m) ->DreiZinnenhütte 2405m -> Talchlusshütte (1548m) -> Fischleinbodenhütte 1454m 200m ascent; 950m descent I was walking in a heaven today : )  Too many majestic peaks in every direction and I did not know which… Continue Reading →

The Dolomites Day 1: Lago di Braies

Lago di Braies (1494m) – Forela Sora Forno (2388m) – Rifugio Biella (2327m) – Grünwaldalm (1590m) – Lago di Braies (1494m) 17km (estimated), 1100m up and down The Dolomites wich I have long dreamed of!


This trip unexpectedly turned into a fantastic food adventure. The best I can remember (outside Japan, that is). Ohhh… these black smoked gnocchi with truffel and asparagus were to die for and the gnocco fritto a surprising start into a  great… Continue Reading →


We stayed three nights in Cagli, which looks very much like a normal Italian town with a medieval touch, but doesn’t leave as much an impression as the amazing towns of Assisi and Gobbio. The reason why we stayed here… Continue Reading →

Flying at Monte Morcia

The actual flying place is called “La Bandita” on Monte Morcia in Marche. For some unknown reasons, modellers refer to it as Monte Catria in Umbria (even Monte Catria is in Marche). Interesting piece of trivia.

Monte Catria

Monte Morcia (1181m) to Monte Catria (1701m) 5-6 hours, 20km (estimated), 550m up & down On the second day in the region of Monte Morcia. Today we left early so that Philippe gets an early start with flying on his… Continue Reading →

Castello di Frontone

On a scorching hot afternoon the one and only main street of the beautiful hill-top town was deserted. Except that one boy and some crazy hikers who were walking up to the hill in the heat…

Monte Morcia to Paravento

Monte Morcia (1181m) -> Pian di Troscia (975m) -> Paravento (451m) -> Castello di Frontone (570m) Philippe was very excited to get to his preferred model airplane soaring place, Monte Morcia.


A beautiful town of Spoleto, with the hilltop fortress, an impressive medieval bridge “Ponte delle Torri” built on a Roman aqueduct, and tasty focaccia…

Castelluccio & Piano Grande

  After going up the winding mountain road up to 1500m, this vast plain, Piano Grande (Great Plain), suddenly opened up in front of us. Breath-taking!

San Giovanni

A charming dwelling lost in the valley behind Spello.


Assisi is an amazing medieval town in terms of its sheer size and grandness. The town sits on the hill-top and one can see its fortress and its massive Basilica of St. Francis from very far. Going up to the… Continue Reading →

Via di Francesco 2: Eremo Carceri to Spello

Eremo Carceri, Assisi (820m) -> Spello 3-4h, 400m descent My 2nd day on the Via di Francesco.


Armenzano – a very quaint and very small dwelling on the way from Assisi to our hotel (Le Silve di Armenzano). The UNESCO site is likely home to many more cats than humans (40) …

Le Silve di Armenzano di Assisi

A fantastic small hotel and former pilgrimage waypoint in the middle of nowhere. Absolutely worth the 20-minute drive from Assisi.

Via di Francesco 1: Valfabbrica to Assisi

Valfabbrica to Assisi 14km, Ascent 550m / Descent 330m Starting from the village of Valfabbrica, the signs of Via Roma and Via di Francesco are easy to find and encouraging. It reminds me of the Jakobsweg / Camino de Santiago… Continue Reading →


A solid medieval town Gubbio with a funny bird-cage-like funicular and unmotivated tourist office staff…

Umbertide, Umbria

Umbertide is a small town close to Caroline’s castle. In the rain, we visited its open food market full of colorful, tasty and cheap fruits and had coffee at one of the oldest cafes in the main square where locals… Continue Reading →

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