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Eating on board

A great boat, good weather, tasty food, wine, and pleasant company are perfect ingredients for a very enjoyable time…

Gyoza Town Utsunomiya

Our second time in Gyoza Capital. A city with a total of 350 gyoza dumplings restaurants. I have long dreamed of coming back to this town and of doing a proper “gyoza crawl”.

Mikuni Food Blog (Restaurants)

Mikuni is an attractive destination for food lovers. We‘re just posting a few of our favorite places to remember…

Eataly 🇮🇹

This trip unexpectedly turned into a fantastic food adventure. The best I can remember (outside Japan, that is). Ohhh… these black smoked gnocchi with truffel and asparagus were to die for and the gnocco fritto a surprising start into a  great meal.

Japan 2018 Food pics

Japan, a foodie’s Nirvana!

Akashi Shokudo – (not just) a Bowl of Ramen

  So here we go again. After many noodle meals in Okinawa already, Yasuko came up with one more “impossible to leave this island without sampling these noodles” restaurant. It has won prices and is all over the social networks galaxy. A must. It… Continue Reading “Akashi Shokudo – (not just) a Bowl of Ramen”

Ramen: Focus on Taste

We had a 30 minutes layover at the Fukuoka airport to take the connecting flight to Ishigaki – more than enough for a quick slurp of Yasuko’s favorite ramen style, tonkotsu. And as we are at an airport, the usual food service efficiency needs,… Continue Reading “Ramen: Focus on Taste”

Ise Jingu

Ise Jingū, the most sacred Shinto shrine in Japan, on the Kii Peninsula, near Osaka. Going inside the deep-forested shrine compound, we felt awed by the mystic and spiritual atmosphere of the place… like the other hundreds of visitors. For religious reasons and to… Continue Reading “Ise Jingu”

Bodegas de Mendoza

Of course, while in Mendoza, a wine tour is a must. We were nicely guided by Paula who put a private tour together in no time, so fast, that we did not really know where we were going, but it all sounded good. Paula’s… Continue Reading “Bodegas de Mendoza”

Vancouver Day Two

Another sunny day in Vancouver. Today we decided to discover the city by Philippe´s favorite means of transport: BOAT