Gyoza Town Utsunomiya

Our second time in Gyoza Capital. A city with a total of 350 gyoza dumplings restaurants. I have long dreamed of coming back to this town and of doing a proper “gyoza crawl”.

The first place was well-known Gyozakan next to the Utsunomiya train station. They offer a “12 gyozas in different flavors” set. A tasty discovery was the one with shiso, a lovely lemony leaf. We will try to reproduce it at home.

The second one was Gyotendo. Located less than a minute walk from the west exit of the Utsunomiya station, this place offers only two types of chewy gyoza:  panfried and a boiled gyoza dumpling! We had to queue for 30 minutes to sample their speciality, which is not uncommon in the country of passionate food lovers. This tiny joint has only 13 seats, efficiently run by 3 employees. Their gyozas are very juicy and unusual.

In total Yasuko and I sampled 14 different gyozas and finished with Udon. Love it.

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