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Havana – Sights and Sounds

In Havana, people are lively and colorful. Regardless of age or body shape, men and particularly women wear super-tight clothes. It does not always seem charming or flattering to us, but the Cubans don’t seem to mind. Lots of people on the street, neighbors… Continue Reading “Havana – Sights and Sounds”

Cuba – a socialist country in transition

We have lived and traveled to different countries and cities but we never experienced a country like Cuba. During our trip we got to talk to many Cubans such as tour guides and case particular owners, and the country made us question the positive and… Continue Reading “Cuba – a socialist country in transition”

Dancing away in Havana

After a few years of Salsa practice in hip-stiff Switzerland, we decided to join one of the Cuban dancing teachers at Salsa Rica, Ismaray, on a trip to Cuba. Ismaray is the kind of person who looks like she is dancing even while walking… Continue Reading “Dancing away in Havana”

Trinidad, a quaint colonial town

With our salsa group, we visited Trinidad for two nights. It was unusually cold with wind and some of us were wrapped with fleece and a heavy sweater for the evening dinner!

Hiking in Viñales’ splendid Nature

After the hectic and very loud city of Havana, we welcomed the change of scenery – green lush nature (and a small town). Less hectic it is, no doubt. Less noisy, not really. The rooster crowing competition early in the morning, the pigs and… Continue Reading “Hiking in Viñales’ splendid Nature”

Havana in Ruins?

One of the most impressive things about Havana is the rich architecture. At the first glance, a building might just look like waiting for demolition. It is often at the second glance only that one can see the richness of details most buildings show.

Diving in Playa Larga

At first sight, this beach town looked forlorn and run-down. We looked at each other and talked about moving to another destination. But once we started diving, we changed our mind completely!

Cuban Transportation

The Cuban transportation system seems to lack in just two things: vehicles and spare parts. But the Cubans are incredibly resourceful and creative to keep their vehicles running.

Butcher’s Special Dried Meat

… not totally dry yet, but soon

Casa Particular “Leibys & Papito”, Viñales

We stayed four nights at this super friendly, clean and well equipped “Casa Particular” of Leibys y Papito Zapatero in January 2015. Leibys is the soul of the house, takes care of her guests and the dog. Papito likes to chat and help his… Continue Reading “Casa Particular “Leibys & Papito”, Viñales”