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Elbe Bike Route: Day 5

Melnik to Prague, 57km, our last day of Elberadweg I made a short, quiet and beautiful morning walk in Melnik, a hill-top village looking over the rivers.

Elbe Bike Route: Day 4

Elbe Bike Route (Elberadweg): Litoměřice to Melnik (44 km) This morning Doris leaves us to go to her parents’ place. Doris’ mother comes to our hotel to pick up Doris and for a very pleasant chat.

Elbe Bike Route: Day 3

Usti nad Labem to Litomerice, Czech Republic, 28km Today is an easy day,  only 28km to cover. We were happy to leave the busy town of Usti and go back to our quiet bike path along the river bank.

Elbe Bike Route: Day 2

Bad Schanda (Germany)  to Ústí nad Labem (Czech Republic), 50km After a hearty breakfast, we start for our 2nd day of biking at 9am.  Fresh temperature and a cloudless, blue sky promise for another fantastic day!

Elbe Bike Route: Bad Schandau

My day started with a morning walk in the lovely town of Bad Schandau before breakfast. The air was crisp and almost no one was out there that early in the morning.

Elbe Bike Day 1: Dresden to Bad Schandau

Dresden to Bad Schandau, Germany, 47km Yipii… today is our first biking day!

The picturesque town of Dresden

Doris, her boyfriend Percy and I have decided to bike 220km along the Elbe river from Dresden in Germany to Prague in the Czech Republic.