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Tierra del Fuego National Park

Costera Senda (Coastal Path) – Paseo de La Isla – Mirador Lapataia (Lapataia Viewpoint) – Senda de La Baliza – Arias Port, 12km.  Today’s outing was to the southernmost national park of Argentina, Tierra del Fuego. A minivan from the town center brought tourists… Continue Reading “Tierra del Fuego National Park”

Camino Estancia Túnel

Playa Larga to Estancia Túnel, 10km After moving to a more comfortable, closer-to-the town apartment, we went for a walk to Playa Larga, east of  Ushuaia. Along the rugged coast scattered with windswept trees (bent down to 45 degrees) we could see small islands… Continue Reading “Camino Estancia Túnel”

Philippe cruising on the Beagle Channel, Yasuko to the mountain

Philippe loves the sea, sailing, anything related to water and wind. Yasuko loves mountains but easily gets sea-sick. Ushuaia has a perfect solution for us: it is sandwiched between the sea and the mountains. So today Philippe set off to a boat ride in… Continue Reading “Philippe cruising on the Beagle Channel, Yasuko to the mountain”

Crossing the Magellan Strait

Puerto Natales to Ushuaia, 7am bus, 13h ride to Philippe’s dream town, 760km As a little boy I used to watch a show on French TV where the main acts were sailors, adventurors, boat racers, well, Robinson Crusoe type of people telling their adventure stories.… Continue Reading “Crossing the Magellan Strait”

“W” Hike – Torres del Paine – Day 6

Refugio Grey to Refugio Paine Grande (11km, 3.5h) – Catamaran – Puerto Natales by bus Last day of our “W” hiking To take 12.30 pm boat from Lake Pehoé, we left our refugio at 8 am to allow enough time for the estimated 4 hour… Continue Reading ““W” Hike – Torres del Paine – Day 6″

“W” Hike – Torres del Paine – Day 5

Refugio Paine Grande – Laguna Los Patos – Refugio Grey, 11km, 4h We woke up to another sunny day with blue sky. A complete change from yesterday! The Grande Paine Refugio is located in front of the expansive blue Pehoe Lake, and features a… Continue Reading ““W” Hike – Torres del Paine – Day 5″

“W” Hike – Torres del Paine – Day 4

Domo Frances – Campo Italiano – Grande Paine Refugio, 11km, 3h After another quiet night with non-snoring hut mates, Philippe slept till almost 9am. To Philippe’s delight, we had fresh and tasty scramble eggs for breakfast for the first time. Outside it was grey… Continue Reading ““W” Hike – Torres del Paine – Day 4″

“W” Hike – Torres del Paine – Day 3

Refugio El Chileno – Domo Frances – Glaciar Lookout – Domo Frances, 16.5 km The strong wind was howling the whole night and shaking our whole hut. Olga said in the morning that she was afraid that the refugio would be blown away. So we… Continue Reading ““W” Hike – Torres del Paine – Day 3″

“W” Hike – Torres del Paine – Day 2

Refugio El Chileno – Refugio Los Cuernos, 11Km A beautiful hike through the bushes full of red flowers. We made a nice lunch stop at the elevated area with large, flat and smooth granite rocks, enjoying the full sun and a fantastic view of… Continue Reading ““W” Hike – Torres del Paine – Day 2″

“W” Hike – Torres del Paine – Day 1

Hotel Las Torres – Refugio el Chileno – Mirador Base Las Torres – Refugio el Chileno – 13.5 km The logistics to get to Los Torres del Paine is complex. First we had to take a 7 am bus for 2.5 hrs to get… Continue Reading ““W” Hike – Torres del Paine – Day 1″