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Mont Bré to Monte Boglia

Monte Bré (925M) to Monte Boglia (1520m) to Bré On my 5th day in Ticino, I walked to Monte Bré to Monte Boglia. After some steep uphill, on the treeless mountain top I expected a great view but it was a very hot day (30+ degrees)… Continue Reading “Mont Bré to Monte Boglia”

San Salvatore – Morcote

A scenic hike from San Salvatore to Morcote, 9.8km Our 4th sunny day in Ticino! Today’s program is to go on the famous landmark mountain San Salvatore. Getting up there is easy, because there is a funicular railway to bring me up to 909m… Continue Reading “San Salvatore – Morcote”

Monte Tamaro – Monte Lema Traverse

Monte Tamaro – Monte Lema Traverse Alpe Foppa (1527m) – Monte Tamaro (1956m) – Monte Lema (1555m), 13km A fantastic 5-hour ridge walk with breath-taking panoramic views. Unexpectedly physically challenging! Today Philippe and I had a different program on our 3rd sunny Ticino day:… Continue Reading “Monte Tamaro – Monte Lema Traverse”

Lavertezzo to Corippo hike

This village is nestled away on the other side of the valley and seems as if it has been left forgotten by the gods. We quietly wandered around very narrow stone-paved alleys just wide enough for one person to walk.  The alleys are uneven and… Continue Reading “Lavertezzo to Corippo hike”

Sonogno – Lavertezzo, 13km

After a short hike to the village of Corippo, we tackle for today’s main hike, starting from Sonogno, the dead-end town of the valley we stay. After a rather disappointing pizza for lunch (Philippe makes a much better one!), we wander around the pretty village… Continue Reading “Sonogno – Lavertezzo, 13km”

Verzasca Valley

Roman bridge, Verzasca

The ehtnographic path: Lavertezzo –  Revöira – Motta, 5km Rain, rain, rain in the northern part of Switzerland for weeks. We had enough. A great weather forecast for the Tessin part pulled us south. So off we go for a short holiday to the Italian-speaking Switzerland and… Continue Reading “Verzasca Valley”