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Hiking in Adelboden Day 2 – Bütschi

Bergläger 1491m – Bütschi Wasserfall – Luegli 2138m – Hahnenmoos – Geils – Bergläger 1491m Another sunny day and a blue sky! Today’s hike is going up along the stream of Bütschi to Luegli. Adelboden is a popular skiing destination which in summer turns… Continue Reading “Hiking in Adelboden Day 2 – Bütschi”

Hiking in Adelboden Day 1

This is our second time in Adelboden. In 2017 I was on the Via Alpina route and Philippe joined me for Kandersteg to Adelboden hike. The path from Kandersteg to Adelboden stayed vividly in my head. The steep, rocky Bunderchrinde pass was the scariest… Continue Reading “Hiking in Adelboden Day 1”

VERKAUFT: Mini Vision von Mibo / Rucksack- und Wandermodell

Ein ungewöhnliches Angebot. Das Modell ist auf Leichtigkeit und geschützte Transportfähigkeit im Rucksack, auf Fahrrad, Boot oder Auto ausgelegt. Angebot mit Fernsteuerung und Antriebsakku, programmiert und ausgewogen. Schönes, komplett Flugbereites und gut ausgerüstetes Wander- oder Rucksack Modell in gutem Zustand.

Jedi Lift F3F an der Kante

Modellsegelflug in Graubünden IV

Wieder mal ein schönes Flugwochenende in Graubünden… diesmal ganz ohne Video (zum Video vom letzten Jahr).

Summer Action, Switzerland

We had quite some summer activities going in Switzerland as well. Here is a short picture blog entry with a few movies as well…

Create sound (voice) files for OpenTX with MacOS’ Siri in less than 1 minute

If you own an Apple Mac or MacBook and want to create your own quality voice sound files using macOS Siri voices – read on… This is the final product:

Automatic Flight Timer with OpenTX 2.3 and Vario

The below setup allows us to totally forget about switching timers and provides accurate air time information at the end of a flight or the day.

Shinto Servotray for MKS 6100 (Glider by Vladimir’s Model)

This 3D printable servo tray is for MKS 6100 servos and particularly designed for an electric version of Vladimir’s Model Shinto F3F/B/T/J glider. It could likely be used for other F3x gliders as well.

Flying weekend with Benno and Fredy

With Fredy and Benno, we spent two days in the pretty Prättigau. What an excellent flying and filming weekend it was.