Hiking in Adelboden Day 2 – Bütschi

Bergläger 1491m – Bütschi Wasserfall – Luegli 2138m – Hahnenmoos – Geils – Bergläger 1491m

Another sunny day and a blue sky!

Today’s hike is going up along the stream of Bütschi to Luegli. Adelboden is a popular skiing destination which in summer turns into a rather unscenic spot spoiled with ski lifts. But luckily the Bütschi streamside is rather unharmed and left me with the feeling of walking in remote mountains.

The Bütschi Waterfall was today’s highlight. Numerous streams are falling beautifully down into the flowerbed. I lingered watching nature’s spectacle and listening to the flow of water for a while.

With over 500 m up I arrived at today’s highest point Luegli (2138 m). It offered a sweeping view of the rugged Wildstrubel mountain chain and the entire Adelboden Valley. The Luegli is one of many slopes around the Hahnenmoospass, a top destination for model sailplane enthusiasts all over Europe.

A half an hour walk from the Luegli is the  Schalmy slope at the Hahnenmoos. Philippe was flying his airplane, with the most inadequate model name “Shinto”, with a smile all over his face, apparently having another fantastic flying day.

Leaving Philippe for some more flying, I walked down to the valley, enjoying alpine flowers on the way.

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