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Reflecting on my 2-week long hike on the Haute Route

It’s been more than a month since a Japanese friend and I came back from our 2 week-long “Haute Route”. This long-distance walk from Chamonix/France to Zermatt/Switzerland was quite an experience and the images of the scenery still linger in my head.

The Haute Route – Zermatt

Zermatt, a short hike from Trockener Steg to Schwarzsee

The Haute Route – End

Our Haute Route hike which we started from Chamonix two weeks ago is over. We were rewarded by the majestic Matterhorn view!

The Haute Route – Day 14

St. Niklaus – Jungen – Zermatt

The Haute Route – Day 13, September 3

Gruben (1818m) –  Oberems, Turtmanntal (1400m) – St. Niklaus

The Haute Route – Day 12, September 2

Cabane Bella Tola 2346m – Meidpass 2790m – Gruben 1822m

The Haute Route – Day 11, September 1

Zinal 1675m – Alpe Nava 2340m – Hotel Weisshorn 2337m – Cabane Bella Tola 2346m

The Haute Route – Day 10, August 31

Cabane de Moiry 2825m – Col de Sorebois 2847m – Zinal 1675m

The Haute Route – Day 9, August 30

Les Haudères 1452m – Col du Tsaté 2868m – Cabane de Moiry 2825m

The Haute Route – Day 8, August 29

Cabane des Dix 2928 m – Pas de Chèvres 2855m – Arolla 2006m – Les Haudères 1452m