The Haute Route – End

Our Haute Route hike which we started from Chamonix two weeks ago is over. We were rewarded by the majestic Matterhorn view!
This was the longest hike I have ever done and it was really exhausting to hike 1000m up and 1000m down in one day : ( Some mornings my body was so tired that I did not want to leave my bed.
However, everyday was another discovery – another valley and fabulous sceneries of another mountains, lakes, quaint villages etc. It was also wonderful to meet Swiss hikers on the trail and chat with them. I shared this Haute Route hike with many people from all over the world and they are wonderful people – Jean and Robert from Scotland, Chris, Sarah, Andrew and Paddy from London, Karen and her hiking club buddies from the USA, to name a few. We are simply united to marvel at the wonder of the nature.
In this trip I also feel I rediscovered Switzerland. What a beautiful country Switzerland is!
I also appreciate my hiking partner who made this trip with me to the end!
It was a great journey!


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