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Going nuts over a bowl of ramen @ Ichiryuan

At 11h30 in the morning Yasuko and I think about lunch. It is cold this morning and a nice steaming bowl of noodle may warm us up. Ramen it shall be.

Noboribetsu Foot Onsen

We’re off to Noboribetsu Onsen. It’s located in Jigokudani, the “Valley of Hell”, and indeed, steaming hills and mountains, blubbling water, geysers and dark, thick mud ponds everywhere. No doubt the devil will make an appearance soon. We observe this natural spectacle from a… Continue Reading “Noboribetsu Foot Onsen”

Usu-zan, an active volcano

A still active volcano above Toya-ko (洞爺湖), Usu-zan (有珠山) is one with an impressive story of recent eruptions and destruction. That story is very well documented and illustrated at the nearby Volcano Museum. In the earthquake-simulation room you hear and feel the roaring sound… Continue Reading “Usu-zan, an active volcano”

Shinsennuma, Niseko

A peaceful wooden path walk to the Shinsen Marsh.

Hiking Mt. Yōtei

From Makkari Trailhead (371m) to Yōtei-zan (1989m) , 11km hike, 1500m ascent and decent Hiking up 1’500m of altitude to the crater of Mt. Yōtei, Hokkaido’s Mt. Fuji, … and down again. A fantastic view of the enormous crater and the mystic Toya Lake… Continue Reading “Hiking Mt. Yōtei”

Daian-ji Temple 大安寺, Fukui

Our visit to Daian-ji (大安寺), a beautiful, mystic Zen temple in the mountains, Fukui. Read more about the Daian-ji: