The Haute Route 2019 – Trient

Back to the Haute Route!

In 2015 I walked the Haute Route with my hiking buddy Sano-san. It was my first long-distance hike and the breathtaking sceneries of high mountain peaks and deep valleys have been in my head since then.

This year one of my former colleagues did the same walk and while seeing some of her photos I had a strong urge to put on hiking shoes and hit the road again.

To make the logistics simpler, I decided to skip the French part (Stage 1) and start from Trient. On a late August afternoon, I put my backpack on and hopped on the train towards the French part of Switzerland.

The hotel in Trient was lively with lots of hikers, probably those who are doing another famous trail, TMB (Tour du Mont Blanc). It was a gorgeous evening and I walked around the village, feeling excited about my adventure to start.

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