The Haute Route – Day 12, September 2

Cabane Bella Tola 2346m – Meidpass 2790m – Gruben 1822m

An unusually colored mountain, Bella Tola, and its rugged area are strangely beautiful. After lunch at the steep col of Meidpass with our Haute Route hiking mates from Massachusetts, we started going down to another valley, Turtmanntal.
In descending the valley we spotted majestic Weisshorn. The clouds were hiding the top of the mountain but its horns are pointy (like horns) and the glacier massive. We were so excited with this mountain that we stopped at cute Meid-Mittelstafel, where a collection of small wooden houses gather, and simply sat and admired, waiting for the clouds to move away, uttering “Sugoi sugoi (=fabulous)!”


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