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FrSky – Case for SR10 Pro, GR8, FLVS ADV, and Vari ADV

You want to fix your FrSky receiver, vario or sensor onto your model plane properly using a holder, a case or a box, here are a few options. Click on the link to get to Thingiverse for downloading and 3D printing the item you’re… Continue Reading “FrSky – Case for SR10 Pro, GR8, FLVS ADV, and Vari ADV”

Automatic Flight Timer with OpenTX

With the below setup you can totally forget about switching timers and get accurate air time information at the end of a flight or at the end of a day.

Create sound (voice) files for OpenTX with MacOS’ Siri in less than 1 minute

If you own an Apple Mac or MacBook and want to create your own quality voice sound files using macOS Siri voices – read on. This is the final product: