Sonogno – Lavertezzo, 13km

After a short hike to the village of Corippo, we tackle for today’s main hike, starting from Sonogno, the dead-end town of the valley we stay.

After a rather disappointing pizza for lunch (Philippe makes a much better one!), we wander around the pretty village of Sonogno, which is surrounded by impressive mountain ranges. The small village square was under complete restoration and they were painstakingly putting down beautiful stones one by one. Impressive!

This path follows the clear emerald-green water of the Verzasca river. Picturesque villages such as Frasco are scattered along the river and we made us think of the old times.  The walk makes us simply speechless at the beauty.

At the middle of the path, Philippe declares that he had enough walking for today and he will enjoy the comfort of a postal bus for the rest of the journey.  The hiking path was uneven with rocks and tiring for his feet,  and the day was hot.

My inner “Schweinehund” wanted me to finish the hike properly, on foot, like the Romans already did. I might walk forever, if no one stops me. So I go on, alone, stop at the riverside beach without swimming (too cold!), admiring amazing-colored rocks and boulders, crossing several bridges and waterfalls, breathing in the forest air and looking up at soaring stony mountains with bliss.

Philippe, in the meantime, hitch-hikes and gets a ride back with a couple from Zurich – The Ticinesi wouldn’t stop –  to the famous Roman Bridge of Lavertezzo. There he lies down on the rocks, listening to music while watching crazy young people jumping off from the bridge to the ice-cold water. Philippe looked at it and thought: “It’s good not to be 25 anymore..”.


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