“W” Hike – Torres del Paine – Day 5

Refugio Paine Grande – Laguna Los Patos – Refugio Grey, 11km, 4h

We woke up to another sunny day with blue sky. A complete change from yesterday!

The Grande Paine Refugio is located in front of the expansive blue Pehoe Lake, and features a magnificent view of the Cuernos and Cumbre. It is an enormous refugio with 110 beds and a big camping site next to it. Unfortunately this incredible location has an incredibly bad level of hospitality. Philippe was greatly upset by their unfriendliness and inedible scramble eggs (or something yellow, dry, hard with a indefinable taste). We both returned them. This hotel felt like being run by people greatly bored with what they do. But that might just be what happend if you have a monopoly.

Happy to leave this refugio behind, we set out for the 5th day’s hike. A short winding climb lead us to a small lake with ducks, Laguna Los Patos. Very soon we came to a viewpoint of Grey Lake. The lake was, yes, very grey due to the glacier flowing into the water. Several icebergs were floating and far away the huge Grey Glacier waited at the end of the lake.

After arriving at Refugio Grey and relaxing on the sunny terrace for a couple hours, we walked to the Glacier Outlook point. It was incredible view in the blue, sunny sky!

But then again. We had a close to disgusting dinner. Some meat and rice cooked by somebody without taste buds and pride. Sooo disappointing. If you can’t cook, just don’t,  don’t!!

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