Elbe Bike Route: Day 3

Usti nad Labem to Litomerice, Czech Republic, 28km

Today is an easy day,  only 28km to cover.

We were happy to leave the busy town of Usti and go back to our quiet bike path along the river bank.  After biking along the Elbe for a while, the path abruptly stopped in front of some steps. Puzzled, we looked around and soon figured out that those steps are indeed part of the Elbe Bike Path (the Route 2 in Czech Republic)!

Going up the steps with this relatively heavy bike plus my 8kg luggage posed a challenge. In fact our guidebook even recommends that cyclists with heavy luggage take a car road instead. But Percy was nice enough to come back and help me to push up the bike.

Soon a castle perched atop a cliff came into our view.  We have not done much biking today, but we all concluded that the view from Střekov Castle would be nice and that we had nothing more but 28km to cover. So up the hill we went and visited the castle. The view  from the top was just magnificent.

After that nice break at the castle, we continued on the peaceful bike path.  The top-notch quality of this Elbe Bike Route both in Germany and in Czech Republic has so far impressed me very much. The path is extremely well-marked, clean and beautiful.

Another stop at the riverside cafe in a small village of Velke Zernoseky. This cafe was packed with many cyclists on the sunny day.  We could secure a corner of the table and Doris ordered blueberry bums which looked like Japanese Nikuman.

In the afternoon we arrived at a pleasant town of Litomerice.  We dropped our bikes and luggages at our hotel and happily headed to look around town.

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