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Those wonderful AirBnB hosts at Qualicum Beach

We stayed at Susan & Roelof’s house at Qualicum Beach for one night. This sociable English/Dutch couple invited us to a tour of their wonderful garden,  then, as a welcome, Philippe was offered a tasting of Reoelof’s home-brewed beer and Yasuko some cherries and later… Continue Reading “Those wonderful AirBnB hosts at Qualicum Beach”

2-day hike on Sky Line Trail, Jasper (Day 2)

Click here to read day 1 Day 2 After a copious breakfast, the steep ascent to the Notch (2’510 m) awaited us. The last part of the climb was 45-degree up, and we struggled over snowfields and gravels, while stones and gravels were falling… Continue Reading “2-day hike on Sky Line Trail, Jasper (Day 2)”

Banff to Jasper

After spending five days in Banff, we left this stunning national park for the next one, Jasper. Today’s highlight was the road which connects two national parks: The 280km long Icefields Parkway. On both sides of this parkway the majestic peaks of mountains continued… Continue Reading “Banff to Jasper”

Nikkei Internment Memorial Center 日系メモリアルセンター

After we met by chance on a mountain top and talked to Tomo Fujimura, a Japanese resident in Revelstoke and a mountain guide as well as an avalanche specialist, I got really interested in visiting the Nikkei Internment Memorial Center to find out more… Continue Reading “Nikkei Internment Memorial Center 日系メモリアルセンター”

Vancouver Day Two

Another sunny day in Vancouver. Today we decided to discover the city by Philippe´s favorite means of transport: BOAT

Vancouver Day One

Surprisingly it takes not more than 10 hours with a direct Edelweiss flight to arrive at Vancouver Airport. Not so surprisingly, a heavy jet lag (-9h) knocks us out for several days… But before this, on our first day and evening, we meet Brigit,… Continue Reading “Vancouver Day One”

Little joys in the Orosi Valley

Sometimes we are fed up with bad bread, weak filter coffee or carelessly or unimaginatively prepared food. These are the moments when a small thing can make our day. In the Orosi valley, we had a few of those moments 🙂 Almost hidden next… Continue Reading “Little joys in the Orosi Valley”

Cloud forest wonderland – Santa Elena Reserve

Our first walk in the cloud forest was with Marcela, an accountant-turned-to-nature guide. This native of Costa Rica worked as an accountant for a while after finishing school. She was locked up in an office all day and often spent time in a nearby… Continue Reading “Cloud forest wonderland – Santa Elena Reserve”

Smoothie happiness in Orosi

Hiker “Muy Profesional”

… if not professional, than at least relaxed 😉