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Oshima Walk

Being rather jet-lagged, Yasuko decided to make it a moderate-but-constant activity day. Starting with a nice meal at the Mikuni Ootoku restaurant next to Oshima.

Goose Spit Park

An intended short stroll became a rather long walk around the entire Goose Spit which also accommodates a military base. That base becomes a summer camp playground every year with many teenagers running around. A friendly military woman at the gate explained that we… Continue Reading “Goose Spit Park”

Cormorant Island Hike

After an interesting chat with Colin, the hotel’s owner and a person with character, we started our hike around (most of) the island. From the hotel, we walked through the Ecological Park and soon crossed the highest point of the island

The Kyoto Trail Hike: Day 1

A two-day hike on the Kyoto Trail (the Kitayama East section) with my mountain buddy Sano-san. Since I have heard of this trail in Fushimi Inari a couple of years ago, the Kyoto Trail was on my hiking to do list.

Edelweissweg & Wisshornweg (Trift)

Zermatt (1620m) – Alterhaupt Edelweiss (1961m) –  Trift (2337m) – Schweifinen (2503m) – Zermatt / 900m ascent / 900m descent / 13 km / 6 hrs After going through beautiful houses with balcony full of cheerful flowers in the east side of Zermatt, we found a… Continue Reading “Edelweissweg & Wisshornweg (Trift)”

Hörnlihütte (3260m)


Convinced that the famous Matterhorn is the most beautiful mountain in the world, Yasuko’s birthday wish was to spend a few days in Zermatt. Our friend Patrick was so kind to let us stay at his studio with a fantastic view of that magnificent… Continue Reading “Hörnlihütte (3260m)”

Findeln Glacier hike & Chez Vrony

Blauherd – Stellisee – Fluhalp – Findeln – Winkelmatt It started in the complete fog, when we got out of the gondola at Blauherd this morning….

Matterhorn Glacier Trail

Trockener Steg – Hirli – Schwarzsee / 7km, not much up and down This trail is a fantastic walk so very close to the towering peak of the Matterhorn. The weather was changing rapidly from grey to shiny blue and then foggy.

Vilan (2376m) – a hidden jewel in the Prättigau Valley

Älplibahn Bergstation (1801 m) – Vilan (2376 m) – Älplibahn Bergstation (1801 m), 12km A fantastic summer day with blue sky – a perfect day to go up the Vilan, one of the most impressive mountain viewpoints  in the Prättigau. A very cute funicular Älplibahn with a capacity… Continue Reading “Vilan (2376m) – a hidden jewel in the Prättigau Valley”

The Haute Route – Day 5, August 26

La Châble (821m) – Les Ruinettes (2195m) – Cabane du Mont Fort (2457m) – Col des Vaux (2705m)