Goose Spit Park

An intended short stroll became a rather long walk around the entire Goose Spit which also accommodates a military base. That base becomes a summer camp playground every year with many teenagers running around. A friendly military woman at the gate explained that we cannot trespass the compound due to top secret summer activities, but we could walk around it as long as we stayed on the beach. So we did.

We watched two families of seals playfully swimming around in the secluded bay, while the summer camp youngsters were playfully shouting and getting trained in sailing- and motor-boating.

There is a beautiful sandy beach at the tip of the Peninsula with simple shady huts which reminded us of Bali and from where we enjoyed the sun and the many boats racing and anchoring.

The beach strip is mostly rocky so it took some time to walk around. But so few people ventured out beyond the military “no trespassing” sign, that we had the place pretty much to ourselves.

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