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Oshima Walk

Being rather jet-lagged, Yasuko decided to make it a moderate-but-constant activity day. Starting with a nice meal at the Mikuni Ootoku restaurant next to Oshima.

Mikuni Food Blog (Restaurants)

Mikuni is an attractive destination for food lovers. We‘re just posting a few of our favorite places to remember…

Japan 2018 Food pics

Japan, a foodie’s Nirvana!

Making Soba!

Today, at the Hinode-ya restaurant near Mikuni, we had the opportunity to make our own buckwheat noodles (Soba), from the doe, to the rolling and finally the cutting. Then we ate a meal totally composed of soba, this time eaten cold, in two different… Continue Reading “Making Soba!”

Dave. Day Twelve. Hinode-ya

Today we are making our own Soba (buckwheat noodles)!

Yakiniku @ Ichi Ban Boshi

Last evening in Mikuni as tomorrow we are first learning to make our own Soba (noodles) and then off to Kyoto. But right now it’s time to meet the Marble Meat in person! Ichi Ban Boschi, Mikuni’s best Korean Grill was simply a dream.

Dave. Day Eleven. Kanazawa Castle Park

Dave chillin’ with a Samourai

There are also strange things at Higashi-Chaya-Gai

There is a Ninja…

… hidden in this picture. This picture was taken at the Myōryū-ji temple in Kanazawa – also called the Ninja temple for its many hidden staircases, escape routes, secret chambers, concealed tunnels and trick doors.

Kimono Girls in Higashi-Chaya-Gai

Just really dig those Kimonos. You just see so little of them today.