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Dave. Day Eleven. Kanazawa Castle Park

Dave chillin’ with a Samourai

Dave. Day Eleven. Kanazawa.

Dave is off to visit the Ninja Castle!

Dave. Day Nine. Tojimbo Beach

Starting Tuesday off at the Tojimbo beach.

Dave. Day Eight. Chillin’ with a Samurai

After a long day of traveling on a Shinkansen, thunderbird and a local train, we arrived in Mikuni. Right at the train station, the first Samurai was there to great us. We are going to be part of the Mikuni Matsuri (festival)!

Dave. Day Seven. Leaving for Hiroshima…

With a slight delay 😉

Dave. Day Six. Evening Meal

Dave getting ready for the Kosugian Evening Meal!

Dave. Day Five. In Kurokawa Onsen

We have arrived in the beautiful location of Kurokawa Onsen (Hot Springs)

Dave. Day Four. Time for a beer!

It’s been a long day. Dave is taking a double break.

Dave. Day Four. Off to Fukuoka

Dave. Day Three. Ramen Time!

Dave was hungry…