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Playa Bonita to Playa Coson – Morning Walk

Beach walking is my favorite morning activity in Las Terrenas. Sometimes with family, sometimes alone…

Playa Lanza del Norte

Playa Lanza del Norte – Punta las Canas – Playita Honda – Playa Las Canas (back and forth) This morning we continued our “walking project”, with the ultimate and probably illusionary goal to walk around the Samana Peninsula.

Sunset @ Punta Bonita

Samaná Peninsula Walk

Playa Estillero to Playa Morrón, 2h, 7km My sister-in-law Nicole and I had the idea to walk the Samana Peninsula little by little, eventually covering the entire peninsula. Philippe joined us for the stretch from Playa Estillero to Playa Morrón. Unknown even to Nicole,… Continue Reading “Samaná Peninsula Walk”

Santo Domingo 2021

This year, we spend a few days in Santo Domingo before moving on to Las Terrenas. On the morning of our first day, with the generous help of the jetlag, we got up early and visited the showroom of a company producing typical Dominican… Continue Reading “Santo Domingo 2021”

Paddling down the Linth Kanal

Today we decided to paddle down the 18 km of the Linth Kanal between the Walensee and the Lake Zurich. It was nice, a bit like a stroll but on water. Helped by the current, it took only 2 ½ hours to get from Weesen… Continue Reading “Paddling down the Linth Kanal”

Family hike to the Carschina Hut

10 km, 200 m up, 600 m downBärgli – Carschinasee – Carschinahütte – Partnunsee – Partnun – St. Antönien This is an easy 4-hour family hike in the impressive Rätikon mountain area. We did the same hike one month ago and thought that such… Continue Reading “Family hike to the Carschina Hut”

Summer Action, Switzerland

We had quite some summer activities going in Switzerland as well. Here is a short picture blog entry with a few movies as well…

One-day Tour in North Vancouver

After our wonderful 9-day family cruise in South East Alaska, Phil and Ya headed to the north of Vancouver Island for a few hiking days in a remote and wild area. Yasuko is in heaven! In the meantime, the rest of the crew (Mita,… Continue Reading “One-day Tour in North Vancouver”

The family off-shore…