Playa Lanza del Norte

Playa Lanza del Norte – Punta las Canas – Playita Honda – Playa Las Canas (back and forth)

This morning we continued our “walking project”, with the ultimate and probably illusionary goal to walk around the Samana Peninsula.

Today’s area is just a few hundred meters east of the well-known Morron Beach, but it is nevertheless very isolated. We saw not one soul for an hour till we came to the end of the beach, Playa Las Canas. On the hill connecting Playa Lanza del Norte with Playita Honda, we had a nice sweeping view of the beach which reminded me of a Rousseau painting, dense with lush green (top picture).

At the end of the Canas Beach (Playa de las Canas), a cluster of interesting buildings with thatched roofs and some shamanistic images, as well as a few treehouses, appeared. With wooden boats lying in front of it, it looks like a dwelling from ancient times. Our Dominican experts thought, that this was probably an unsuccessful attempt to create a Taino feeling for touristic purposes.

So we headed back to the car at the end of the beach, but no car. Philippe was a little worried. We had walked too far and had missed a small entrance leading to our starting point. After climbing a small hill to find cell phone reception, we figured out where we went wrong and found back safely to where we started.

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