Samaná Peninsula Walk

Playa Estillero to Playa Morrón, 2h, 7km

My sister-in-law Nicole and I had the idea to walk the Samana Peninsula little by little, eventually covering the entire peninsula.

Philippe joined us for the stretch from Playa Estillero to Playa Morrón. Unknown even to Nicole, we decided to take the sketchy details from Google Map as a base and play it by ear. Hiking paths, as I am used to in Switzerland seem to be rare, but in essence, we just have to follow the shoreline.

Early in the morning Zenon gave us a ride on his way to tennis and dropped us close to Playa El Anclon. The fresh air, the half-finished houses along the dirt road, and the rooster sounds transported us back to Bali, where we spent a few years quite some time ago.

After going through some luxurious residences and being barked at by several “security” dogs, the path led to a secluded beach followed by many others. We continued to walk for two hours without seeing more than a handful of locals. At a small fisherman’s beach, we were directed to a hardly visible path crossing a hill to finally arrive at well known and beautiful Playa Morrón. To close the walk, we had a cold drink in a nice and brand-new beach restaurant.

What a nice way to finish a walk.

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