Cormorant Island Hike

After an interesting chat with Colin, the hotel’s owner and a person with character, we started our hike around (most of) the island. From the hotel, we walked through the Ecological Park and soon crossed the highest point of the island – a stunning 80 meters above sea level – and came out to the stone beach on the northern side of the island. There were massive volumes of drift woods scattered around on the beach and Philippe was avidly inspecting each beautiful piece – and there were many – imagining what he could do with it. Some of the wood is gigantic and one of the tree roots was so huge that it must be coming from a tree several hundred of years old.

There was nobody else on the beach. It was so peaceful. We sat on one of those solid drift wood logs and enjoyed a simple picnic.

At times we walked on the beach, then on a road, a path and sometimes in such dense vegetation that we were not sure whether the path was still under our feet or not. I was happy to know that there were no bears on this island, otherwise I would have imagined to be ambushed by one around every corner on those dense trails. So we braved through overgrown bushes and turned back to the beach when we got lost. Though it was tiring,  we had a pretty good sense of the island at the end of the hike.

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