Kayaking around Cormorant Island

12km, 2h

We jumped at our hotel owner Colin‘s offer to rent us a double-kayak. We pulled it out from his recently purchased run-down shed and off we went.

Already while launching the raft, we spotted a sea otter who was playfully enjoying a good rub on a pier. We also had high hopes of seeing killer whales. After all, Cormorant Island is celebrated as the home of the Killer Whales!

We paddled around Cormorant Island by, putting into practice many kayaking tips we got from Jim on the Alaskan Dream a few days ago.

On the eastern side of the Island we landed on the beach for a nice snack stop and enjoyed the sun. So far, we have been very lucky with the weather!

On the way back it was interesting to see some traditional houses and docks from the water side. In two days we went around the island twice – on foot and by kayak.

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