Vancouver Day One

Surprisingly it takes not more than 10 hours with a direct Edelweiss flight to arrive at Vancouver Airport. Not so surprisingly, a heavy jet lag (-9h) knocks us out for several days…

But before this, on our first day and evening, we meet Brigit, a friend from Zurich who lives in Vancouver and just recently decided to emigrate to BC for good. The “Bee in BC” as she calls herself on her blog has started something new, true to herself in a place far away from home. But a “home” is never one place and constantly moving, for some people like us… We spent an evening with animated, interesting talks about life, family, expectations, social constraints, freedom,  and … Vancouver, of course. That kept us wide-awake despite our jet-lag…

Just after our arrival in sunny blue-sky Vancouver, we checked in at Elisha’s place. We booked a room in her apartment in the middle of downtown Vancouver through Airbnb. To be more central is difficult. It is the perfect location for our four-day stay in BC’s Capital.

After our first night of rocky sleep, we woke up to a sunny day. Today’s destination is one of the highlights of this city – Stanley Park. It is a verdant peninsula, located on the tip of downtown Vancouver. It took us about 3 hours to walk around it, starting at Coal Harbor. And as usual, every walk along a harbor takes a bit more time with Philippe pondering the pros and cons of those many boat mooring. Very oishii (tasty) ramen at Motomatchi Shokudo gave this day a surprise “kick”. Excellent spicy Ramen.

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