Vancouver Day Two

Another sunny day in Vancouver. Today we decided to discover the city by Philippe´s favorite means of transport: BOAT

We chose the False Creek Ferry which has small, cute nutshell-like boats which accommodate up to 12 passengers. These boats take you to several piers and main city attraction points. The young English captain who took us to our first destination, the Science World, was very relaxed and friendly and volunteered some good sightseeing tips.

The Science World building stands out with its shiny gigantic metallic ball, which is often featured in major postcards and guidebook covers. Even though it is supposed to be quite interesting, it was such a sunny day to be inside so we opted to walk around the building and the end of the creek only, and still enjoyed the interesting outdoor exhibition along the port.

The next stop was Granville. A small island, which was transformed from an industrial site to a wonderful open market, community activity place as well as an artsy center of the city with galleries and artistic shops. The highlight of this place for us was, of course, food! The market was a fantastic alley of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, with an international food court. A lot of locales as well as tourists were enjoying a nice day out there.

The last stop was “Maritime Museum”. We happily did not visit the museum, as Philippe noticed “air activity” from far already. Anything in the air, even if almost invisible to the untrained eye, is caught by my “big boy” husband. It turned out that there was the annual Vancouver Kite Festival with many dozens of kites flying. A group of 6 people, the Vancouver Kite Squad, maneuvering a kite called “Evolution” and showed off their synchronized flying. They used a kite called “Evolution”, a four liner which is phenomenally maneuverable in all directions at any speed. I saw the kite flying like this for the first time and it was beautiful.

We lazied around on the lawn most of the afternoon and watched these kites flying. Others are also enjoying the sunny day biking, walking, jogging or inline skating. .Bike/walk paths are everywhere around the city and It offers people lots of outdoor activity options. We felt content after this relaxed, beautiful day.

Vancouver is definitely a city we could move into…

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