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Mt. Hangetsu Panorama

This morning, before taking the train and bus to the next onsen destination, we decided to go up Mt. Hangetsu. On the way we met a fellow tourist, a Colombian working in Abu Dhabi, and we went up to the viewpoint together. 

Chūzenji Lake Morning Walk

We had a pleasant, short afternoon walk along the shore of Lake Chuzenji to the Tachiki Kannon Shrine

Chūzenji Lake Afternoon Hike

Yugawa onsen to Senjyogahara marshland to Ryuzu waterfall 10km, 3h30min Hunting for a lunch spot, we found a queue in front of a non-descriptive shop. It was a butcher turned into Tonkatsu restaurant, rated as No.1 lunch place in Chuzenji Lake.

Kanaya Hotel (and their stolloing path)

We spent one night at the famous and traditional Kanaya Hotel in Nikko.

Extravagant Nikko

Nikko‘s temples and shrines are gold and red, shiny and extravagant  – too gaudy for my taste. It reminds me of a cathedral in Florence, with every inch richly decorated and rather overwhelming.

Yuba, Yuba, Yuba

Japan is a tofu paradise. There are more tofu varieties than one can count.