Chūzenji Lake Afternoon Hike

Yugawa onsen to Senjyogahara marshland to Ryuzu waterfall
10km, 3h30min

Hunting for a lunch spot, we found a queue in front of a non-descriptive shop. It was a butcher turned into Tonkatsu restaurant, rated as No.1 lunch place in Chuzenji Lake. We made an exception to our mostly vegetarian diet and tagged at the end of the queue. Soon we secured two seats inside the small 6 seater joint. A juicy, hearty portion of Tonkatsu was soon served.

Fueled with enough calories, we made a long but easy-going hike, passed two beautiful waterfalls and a wide marshland. The view of Mt. Shirane and other mountains was spectacular. It was late afternoon and except some school children groups, there was no one on the path.

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