Ise Jingu

Ise Jingū, the most sacred Shinto shrine in Japan, on the Kii Peninsula, near Osaka.

Going inside the deep-forested shrine compound, we felt awed by the mystic and spiritual atmosphere of the place… like the other hundreds of visitors.

For religious reasons and to preserve the shrine building skills, 16 of the over 100 shrines are rebuilt every 20 years!  Its austere beauty of the architecture is impressive.

After visiting the shrine, we went around the shopping street “Okage Yokocho”, leading to the shrine. It was lined with endless souvenir and food shops and booming with many Japanese visitors and foreign tourists.  It was great fun trying all kinds of snacks: famous Ise-Udon (thick noodles with only soy-sauce dashi), Matsusaka beef stick and beef bun for Philippe, tofu donuts and red bean paste sweets for Yasuko.  The options were endless and we decided to go for a food tasting spree.

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