Cagli Francesco Giovanelli

We stayed three nights in Cagli, which looks very much like a normal Italian town with a medieval touch but doesn’t leave as much an impression as the amazing towns of Assisi and Gubbio. The reason why we stayed here was due to the proximity to Philippe’s favourite model sailplane flying place!

But it nevertheless turned out to be an interesting place. Our B&B apartment, part of an old mansion owned by low-key Italian Francesco, was nice and cosy. What surprised us was Francesco’s museum-like mansion! It has a 4m high-ceiling dining room, several bedrooms with antique furniture, an enormous kitchen with a fireplace and antique plates,  and other countless rooms. Totally amazing!

The town has a good size square where locals and some tourists hang out for coffee and chatting. We get a good taste for Italian life, by going for dinner in this square where everyone gathers and also by going for breakfast in one of the popular cafes in town where many locals seem to come for espresso and sweet bread.

A taste of Italian life in Cagli.

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