Monte Morcia to Paravento

Monte Morcia (1181m) -> Pian di Troscia (975m) -> Paravento (451m) -> Castello di Frontone (570m)

Philippe was very excited to get to his preferred model airplane soaring place, Monte Morcia. Even though I love Philippe very much, staying put all day, watching him and his airplanes, was out of the question. So I leave him with his big boy toys and am off to exploring the surrounding mountains on foot.


Monte Morcia and its surroundings are an area not particularly known for hiking. There are marked hiking paths but it requires a bit of research and luck if you are not familiar with the place. However, I headed off from Monte Morcia (1181m) in good spirit.


First on the ridge walk from Monte Morcia.


I could see Philippe and other airplane flyers far on the ridge.


The slope is pretty with flowers.


Soon the path went into the forest. It was rather difficult to find the right path and I went back and forth till I find one.


After coming to the open area, the path disappears into the blooming flower field!  The flowers are high up to my hip but luckily I could see the trace in the field.


After rather steep and difficult gravel path (it turned out to be not a marked hiking path), I arrived at a small village called Paravento.


I was happy to be down at the valley and look back Monte Morcia.


The day was still early when I decided to visit the Castello di Frontone, a hilltop medieval town which I could see earlier from the top of the mountain.


Today’s hike was overall not very successful, as I was not familiar with the region, only had a GPS map, and the Italian signposts tend to be sporadic. I did a lot of going back and forth to find the right path under the scorching sun…

But I still got some sense of the region so the overall experience gets an “OK”.

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