Reppischtal – Limmat – Reusstal Bike Tour

Birmensdorf – Bergditikon – Limmat – Baden – Mellingen – Bremgarten – Birmensdorf
6h (with lots of breaks), 64 km

Today’s bike tour was a bit unusual.

We start the day with a quick hello to Katharina and Patrick as we pass by their house anyway. We get them a bit off guard and agree to drop by later in the afternoon. The bike tour starts in Birmensdorf, the village where I grew up, so we take advantage to have a good look at the two places where I lived with my family. It was a little nostalgic, I do admit…

Off we go down the Reppischtal with all its military installations, then crossing surprisingly pretty Bergdietikon and down to the river Limmat, heading towards Baden.

But first, a very peaceful place mid-way down the river invites for a picnic… It is an amazing green oasis so close to the city!

In Baden, we say hello to Los Corboz, which we haven’t seen for ages. A quick chat, a cold beer and a couple of hey fever drops, and off we go again all the way to another charming medieval village at the River Reuss called Bremgarten. We drop by at a cozy square where some people are leisurely gathering for a glass of wine in the sun. A friendly barista on a mobile coffee shop serves a tasty cappuccino.

The last 200m climb to Oberwil-Lieli rewards us with a pleasant downhill ride to the point of origin, Brimensdorf. From there, we schlepp our tired legs to Katarina and Patrick where we are treated with a nice dinner and Katharina’s homemade Knäckebrot… love it!

It was a great bike tour, starting with a nostalgic tour of my hometown, discovering new areas of Zürich, and visiting our friends on the way.

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