Homemade Pasta & Ravioli

During the corona crisis, our kitchen turned into a factory for homemade pasta and ravioli. The pasta machine which stayed idle for one or two years is now in standby mode, ready to produce pasta and ravioli anytime. Homemade pasta is fresh, tasty and surprisingly easy to make.

In the first week of April, equipped with bags and knives,  we went into our neighbourhood woods and searched rather humid but still sunny places for “Bärlauch” (bear’s garlic) which was in season. Then we made pesto and ravioli with bear’s garlic & cheese fillings, inspired by Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey’s Master Class. Ravioli was our first try, surprisingly easy to make and super tasty! On another day we also made ravioli 2.0 based on Philippe’s simply irresistible tomato sauce!. Yummy, too.

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