Zwillikon – Birmensdorf – Bremgarten – Oberfelden by bike

47km, 5hrs / Route 84 & 77 / Zwillikon – Birmensdorf (Biotop forest) – Oberwil-Lieli – Bremgarten – Rottenschwil  – Merenschwand  – Zwillikon

Funny enough it is the third time that we cross the village Birmensdorf where Philippe spent most of his childhood. There is a bit of nostalgia coming up each time, he says. We made a break and a short tour around the forest, which Philippe used to come as a child. It is a beautiful, quiet forest with lots of birds singing…

From there it went uphill via Aesch and Oberwil-Lieli. We took a different route compared to last time, which we felt  a bit easier. At the top there was a bench with a view – perfect for the lunch break.  Downhill we reached charming Bremgarten. We visited this town during the last bike tour but I was happy to get off the bike and have a short tour on foot, while Philippe had a good cappuccino at a coffee stand.

I took a wrong turn and got into a small path near Rottenschwil. Almost hidden from the path, there was a lonesome and beautiful pond, with a small hut at the end. I got off the bike and walked around the pond. A wonderful little discovery!

The last highlight was crossing the Reuss River. Many people were enjoying a nice day out with picnic or a boat ride.

Finally arriving back to Zwillikon.

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